Exotic Sahara Desert camp with tents

Apart from providing accommodation in bedrooms inside the Auberge, we also offer the possibility of spending the night in an authentic Berber desert camp inside the Erg Chebbi Dunes. After a camel ride in the desert that usually takes about two hours, you will arrive at our lovely camp. Spending the night here is an incredible experience.


What to expect during an overnight in an oasis desert camp? Well, first of all, expect amazing sky full of stars. Yes, you can even spot the milky way and you’ll be amazed by the stars in the sky.

Taking in consideration that you will ride during sunset, the steps to take upon arrival to the camp are:

  1. you will be taken to your tent and a tour around the premises;
  2. you will be offered a welcoming tea by our camp staff;
  3. if is during the winter season, you will seat down aside a fireplace, enjoying your warm Moroccan tea;
  4. dinner will soon be served and you will taste a delicious meal, possibly a tagine cooked in a clay pot;
  5. after dinner, you will go back to the fire and enjoy a Moroccan drum session, where Saharan rhythm will make you dance and clap along our team.