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Auberge Café du Sud offers different options of accommodation and activities to enjoy this region in the Sahara Desert and its dunes. All the services that the hotel provides are of superior quality, aiming at clearly showing the hospitality in the south of Morocco.

In this web page, you will be able to check the available services in Auberge Café du Sud and its respective prices, extremely competitive and interesting. Thank you very much for your preference.

Accommodation Facilities in the Hotel

There are several types of rooms in Auberge Café du Sud. In its design in pure Saharan style, we have given equal importance to functionality and decoration so that, in the comfortable stay of our guests, the strong and authentic image of Morocco is always present. We want you to have lasting memories of your whole experience in the Sahara Desert.

Bedroom in Auberge Café du Sud decorated in traditional Moroccan style

Bedroom in Auberge Café du Sud decorated in traditional Moroccan style

The prices shown in the following table are per person and correspond to half-board Hotel Merzouga desert accommodation (dinner and breakfast, excluding drinks). The rooms are doubles, except the Berber Tents.

Berber Suite » 50€ per person
WC, Private balcony, air conditioning/heating

Room with balcony » 40€ per person
WC, Private balcony, air conditioning/heating

Room without balcony » 35€ per person
WC, air conditioning/heating

The accommodation provided in the nomad tents of Auberge Café du Sud is located close to the hotel building, allowing for the use of all the facilities available there.

Camel Trip and Accommodation in the Oasis

For those guests who would like to take the unique opportunity of fully enjoying the middle of the desert, we organise overnight stays in Desert Tents in campsites inside Erg Chebbi Dunes.

Campsite in the Erg Chebbi Dunes

Campsite in the Erg Chebbi Dunes

In any of the campsites in the desert, all the prices per person per night include an overnight in the tent, camel ride, camel guide, dinner and breakfast (excluding drinks). If you wish to spend several nights in the desert, we can also provide it.

Standard Bivouac – Desert Camp

The Standard Bivouac of Auberge Café du Sud is in Bouydrguie Campsite, located at the base of the Grand Dune, the heart of Erg Chebbi Dunes.

Bivouac, Berber campsite in the desert

Bivouac, Berber campsite in the desert

Standard Bivouac » 40€ per person

Take a wonderful camel trip at sunset. Arriving at the campsite, a welcoming tea will be served and a truly Moroccan dinner will follow. You will spend the night in a typical (private) Berber tent with a mattress, bed sheets, and blankets.

After waking up the next morning to watch the sunrise, you will be able to taste a western breakfast (tea, coffee or hot chocolate, orange juice, Moroccan bread with butter and jam of various flavors) and then get back to Auberge Café du Sud.

Luxury bivouac in the desert

Luxury bivouac in the desert

Luxury Bivouac – Desert Camp

For more special moments, we also provide a luxury campsite – Tislite Nounzar – located in the northeast of Erg Chebbi Dunes, in a place surrounded by dunes where we arrive after a 2-hour camel trip starting in Auberge Café du Sud.

Luxury Bivouac » 105€ per person

Bivouac Lux

Bivouac Lux

On arrival, a welcome cocktail will be expecting you, consisting of Moroccan cookies, dates, and milk. A typical Moroccan dinner will follow. Around the campfire, music will always be present.

You will spend the night sleeping in a private cozy Berber tent with a good mattress, sheets, and blankets. There is electricity inside. In the luxury campsite, we can also provide a private luxury tent equipped with a WC and a shower, to fully enjoy the moment with your better-half.

The following morning, before departure back to Auberge Café du Sud, an American-style breakfast will be served (coffee, tea or chocolate; orange juice; Moroccan bread; butter; diverse types of jam; olive oil; Berber pancakes; eggs served fried, boiled or in an omelet; cheese and yogurt).

If you wish to contemplate the sunset on the way to the luxury campsite, we advise you to arrive at Auberge Café du Sud around 6 pm. However, we organize the departure for the camp at any time.

Royal Bivouac » 150€ per person

► Read more about our desert camps.

Camel trekking

We organize camel excursions departing from Auberge Café du Sud so that you can live the unique experience of feeling like a Berber and travel the desert for some time. These Camel Trekking rides are even more fascinating because you will watch the sunrise or the sunset next to the Grand Dune.

Camel trekking excursion in the desert

Camel trekking excursion in the desert

Camel trip at sunrise or sunset » 15€ per person

We can also organize trips that take you several days into the desert. Please contact us for more information.

4X4 tours in the desert

The region around Auberge Café du Sud has a lot more to offer besides the charming Erg Chebbi Dunes. We organise desert tours in the desert so that you can better explore the surrounding region visiting the black desert and getting in contact with fossils.

4x4 tour in the desert

4×4 tour in the desert

During the tour, you will enjoy some local experiences like having tea with a nomad family. Visiting the village of Khamlya (whose inhabitants come from Mali and Sudan), you will have the opportunity to listen to African music live and watch its traditional dance. Afternoon tea will be served in a typical Berber pizzeria in a Kasbah. There will be time to visit the village of Merzouga and its wonderful oasis. The return to Auberge Café du Sud will be later in afternoon.

4X4 tours in the desert » 130€ (total value)

The total value of the 4X4 tour in the desert includes the 4×4 vehicle, fuel, driver/guide, afternoon tea (excluding drinks).

ATV/Quad tours

In order to allow you to feel even closer to the desert and so that you can have total control of your ride, Auberge Café du Sud takes you on an ATV/quad tour. Feel the adrenaline in the safe adventure on the dunes and desert tracks.

Moto Quad / ATV tours in the dunes

Moto Quad / ATV tours in the dunes

1 hour » 50€

2 hours » 70€

Half day » 110€

1 full day » 150€

📅 If you wish to book a room or a desert activity with Auberge Café du Sud, please use the booking page. For special groups / agency prices or general inquires please use the contact page. Our office will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you.