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About Us

The Friendly Team of Auberge Café du Sud

We Offer Great Services to our Clients

Hamid Noughou
Hamid NoughouHotel owner / manager

Moha Noughou
Moha NoughouHotel owner / manager

Youness Noughou
Youness NoughouHotel owner / manager

Hassan Oujil
Hassan Oujil “Khali”Supervisor

Mustafa Noughou
Mustapha NoughouReception

Zaid Noughou
Zaid NoughouHead of Restaurant

AkkaProvision Logistics

Mohamed Bourmdan
Mohamed BourmdanChief of Bivouac Lux

Mohamed Okhouya
Mohamed OkhouyaWaiter

Hassan Ouaalla
Hassan OuaallaChief of Camel Men

Hemmi Noughou
Hemmi NoughouCamel man / Camel feeding

Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed HassanWaiter / Technical support

Ibrahim Aarosei
Ibrahim AaroseiWaiter / Musician

Hamid Rejdali
Hamid RejdaliCook

Lhoussin Boussini
Lhoussin BoussiniChief of ATV's / Quads

Ibrahim Fayou
Ibrahim Fayou4X4 Driver

Atman Tawchikht
Atman TawchikhtSwimming pool maintenance

Esmail Timgharin
Esmail TimgharinWaiter / Musician

João Leitão
João LeitãoWeb Development